Friday, February 15, 2008

But wait.... China is now suffering from Coldest winter in 50 years

Days after we hear about Shanghi --- and hence the world --- being warmer than ever, we hear that China is having the coldest winter in 50 years.

The downturn is going to be welcomed in some Chinese leadership quarters because of the fear of runaway inflation from an overheated economy — now fed by food shortages and the impact of the worst winter in 50 years.

Is it you or me, or do we have some mixed messages here?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Global warming in Shanghai?

According to this news report, Shanghai is the warmest in years.

I don't doubt that the city is warmer, I doubt that it has anything to do with anthropogenic global warming.

Perhaps the authors of the article have never heard of urban heat island effect?

By the way, the type of reporting in this article is part of a long-standing trend, in which a mysterious "report" is cited as a source for a story. Yet, the name, authors, and date of publication are left to the imagination of the reader.

How is it that we can verify the data from this report is consistent with the story? Does the report even exist?